If You Face Sex Crimes Charges in New Braunfels, Texas. This Charge Could Be Devastating To Your Reputation, Career, Permanent Record & Livelihood, You Need Advice From Someone Who Can Help

We have been representing defendants charged with Sex Crimes in state and federal courts across Bexar County for over 33 years. If you are facing a sex crime charge contact the New Braunfels Sex Crimes Lawyer Robert I Kahn immediately. It is estimated that 85% of imprisoned inmates would be free but for their talking to law enforcement. KEEP IN MIND, Without the right sex crimes defense attorney to guide you in court, you could end up facing several harsh consequences including:

  • No Bail
  • Registration as Sex Offender
  • Prison or jail time
  • House arrest or electronic monitoring
  • Mandatory Prison Sentence
  • No Parole or Early Release
  • Mandatory Sex Counseling

Some crimes, such as those involving sexual acts, can even limit where you're allowed to live and work

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The Sex Crimes Defense Law Firm of Robert I Kahn will Protect Your Constitutional Rights!

Don't think you can walk into a courtroom & defend yourself in a Sex Crimes case. This is a VERY DANGEROUS decision to make. Even though you may be familiar with the events leading up to your arrest, you are likely clueless about criminal law and courtroom procedure. A criminal defense attorney will have the legal expertise necessary to defend you in court.

Successful Sex Crimes defense in New Braunfels demands adherence to extremely strict regulations, including rules for filing notices, meeting deadlines, following technical and procedural rules, requesting information and more. Because sex crimes defense lawyers work within these restrictions every day, they're familiar with all the demands of a criminal case

For many people thinking about criminal cases, the first thing that comes to mind is a courtroom and a lawyer arguing a case before a jury. The fact is that the majority of criminal matters never reach trial, but instead are resolved through negotiations with the District Attorney.

At The Law Offices of Robert I. Kahn, we have handled countless criminal law negotiations with District Attorneys throughout South Central Texas. From our office in New Braunfels, we will gladly sit down and confidentially discuss the criminal matter with you. We will determine the facts of the case and the best approach to convince the District Attorney. to resolve your case before going to trial. To learn more about your legal options, Contact Us for a Free Consultation.

Besides being relatively expensive, a criminal trial carries with it little or no guarantee of a favorable outcome. It is nearly impossible to predict how a judge or jury will rule on any given matter. That is why negotiations with a District Attorney may be your best way to resolve the criminal case.

At The Law Offices of Robert I. Kahn, we work to investigate the facts of your case right away; the sooner we can examine the facts in your case, the better. Our sex crime defense attorney will work to gather evidence and create the best possible defense against these potentially damaging sexual allegations.

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